Accelerated Mobile Pages today

Great online experiences involve quick loading, no annoying ads, and other things. By forbidding various web technologies, AMP generally produces better pages.

What is graphd?

Find out about the database used by Freebase which came to be known as the Google Knowledge Graph. The Knowledge Graph claims to store over 1 billion entities.

Struggling with supporting your parents' PCs? Consider Chrome OS.

The ever-changing world of tech brings new possibilities as well as threats that target the aging population. Find out about why choosing Chrome OS can help you protect your parents online.

Google Duo, Hangouts, and Messages

Defining Google's three (four) messaging and video calling services and choosing the one that fits your needs

Guide to Google Data Studio report customization

Google Data Studio supports multiple ways allowing you to add custom components and data sources to your reports.

Intranet login pages used by big companies

Even some of the big tech companies have intranet portals that aren't mobile friendly. Take a look.

The network of your Microsoft accounts

It gets increasingly harder to navigate the world of Microsoft's products and services.

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